Nuggets: Kodak megapixel dons iMac colours

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It ain't cheap, but it's funky!

Companies everywhere are getting ready for Christmas and boosting product lines with a host of lovely digital products. Kodak is no exception.

The DC240I Zoom digital camera comes in fun iMac colours, but there ain't nothing fun about the price! The camera is a 1.3 megapixel snapper with a 6x zoom, automatic focus, USB compatibility and Compatible Digital Print Order Format. Setting a trend among other camera manufacturers (we hope) the DC240I comes with a reasonable 8MB Compact Flash Card, camera bag, Adobe Photo Deluxe Business Edition software, Adobe Page Mill and Arcsoft Photo Print. What you'd expect for nearly £500...

Tempted? You'll have a choice of all five iMac colours and it'll cost you a measly £499.99.

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