Nuggets: Kodak piles on the pixels

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Kodak DC240I's mega-riffic big brother...

If you were interested in Kodak's DC240I camera, launched last month, it might be just as well to hold off for a minute. For only another £100 you can get Kodak's two-megapixel DC280, and you get quite a bit more for your money.

Compared to the DC2401's 1.3 megapixels, this offers you a 2.3 megapixel CCD sensor, giving images at resolutions up to 1760 x 1168. You also get an extremely generous, for camera manufacturers anyway, 20MB CompactFlash card.

There's a 2x wide angle optical zoom, which can be extended to 6x digitally, auto-focus and auto-exposure, and a built-in flash. The LCD is a standard 1.8".

It all comes with USB and serial cables, video cable, Adobe PageMill, PhotoDeluxe and Arcsoft Photo Print software.

In the shops now for £599.99. See it at

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