Nuggets: Labtec speakers make a Spin in the city

Not got a deep wallet but gagging for some deep bass? Look no further...

Looking for some booming bass and ear-tingling audio, but limited on the cash front? Well, feast your eyes and ears on Labtec's Spin range of speakers.

We got our grubby paws on a pair of Spin-70s (22k jpeg), which retail at an affordable £29.99 (inc VAT). They're well designed with attractively curved bodies, standing 280mm high with base dimensions of 100x120mm, and add style to even the messiest desk. What really matters, of course, is the sound quality, and we can report that for their humble price the Spin-70s are beyond reproach.

Through a combination of high power (each speaker is capable of a constant output of six watts) and dynamic bass equalisation, the Spin-70s give a decent 3D surround sound effect. High quality recordings sound great, but the impressive aspect is how well they deliver an MP3 track, which can sound lousy through some computer speakers.

There's a small selection of knobs and buttons to play with, allowing you to tweak the treble and bass levels or turn on the surround sound. The jacks at the front are for microphone and headphones, and the funny-looking orifice allows air to circulate within the speakers. Apparently it helps the bass. Dunno about all that, but we like the end result.

Labtec also offer Spin-60 and Spin-50 speakers, costing £19.99 and £14.99 respectively. The 60s don't offer 3D surround sound and are only 2.5 Watts each, while the one Watt 50s also lack the microphone jack and the knob for varying the treble and bass levels.

  • Labtec Spin-70 speakers

  • Price: £29.99

  • Power: 12 Watt RMS (6W + 6W) from mains

  • Features: 3D surround sound, variable treble and bass, microphone and headphone jacks

  • Phone: 01256 386000 or

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