Nuggets: Lithium powered snapper from Olympus

Forget the images chaps, this thing runs on lithium...

Desperate to distinguish its latest offering from the deluge of digital cameras appearing as Christmas gets ever closer, Olympus claims that its Camedia C-21 is the first digital camera to be powered by a lithium battery.

Weighing around 190g, the 2.1 million pixel camera comes in a rather attractive aluminium shell (er, Olympus calls it "chic..."), with a 2.5 digital telezoom and adjustable ISO sensitivity. Olympus promises that its programmed centre weighted digital ESP TTL light meter will give you optimal exposure for any shot, and with that many acronyms, who wants to argue?

Manual adjustment controls include white balance, three digital zoom settings, focus and ISO sensitivity. For checking your snaps there's a 4.5cm LCD panel, with brightness control and viewfinder capability that can display 4, 9 or 16 images. There's also a self-timer with a 12 second delay, an automatic calendar system and built-in flash.

The Camedia comes with an 8MB memory card, costs £549.99 and is out now.

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