Nuggets: Mini MD from Panasonic

Forget MP3, you wanna MiniDisc player...

Hoping to lure you away from all the lovely MP3 players on the shelves this Christmas, Panasonic has rushed out the latest member of its MiniDisc range. The SJ-MR100 portable recordable player, as it likes to be known.

Panasonic has come up with a mechanism featuring a newly developed optical pickup and high-density layout technology. All of which means that it's been able to make it super-small, at 84 x 77 x 19mm and weighs in at just 136g without batteries.

It may be small but it's powerful enough to give an impressive battery life: 20 hours of continuous playback and 9.5 of continuous recording. There's also a long recording mode that doubles the normal MiniDisc recording time.

The player's LCD screen displays two 12 character lines of text. A Jog Dial Control searches for tracks and can be used to select them while listening to another. Its remote control comes with its own backlit LCD that displays disc, track title and artist name.

Nothing to worry about connection-wise, as there's headphone output, analogue input doubling up as an optical digital input, and microphone input.

Out now for loads of cash no doubt, but Panasonic won't say how much!

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