Nuggets: Mobile CD piracy from Panasonic

Vibro-sensing CD writer to go...Here's the perfect accessory for the CD pirate that's always on the go. It's Panasonic's portable CD-RW drive, designed for use with notebook PCs.

The snappily titled KXL-RW10A comes in a "sleek" silver casing and offers write speed to CD-R and CD-RW of 1x, 2x, 4x. It reads CD-ROMs at 20x, gives a maximum data transfer rate of 3000Kb/s and an average access time of 150ms.

Cause Panasonic realise that you never know where you're going to be when you get the burning urge to copy a CD, like in a boat or car, the drive has an incorporated vibration sensor. This automatically slows down the speed of the disk if it detects vibration -- such as in a turbulent sea. It's also got a disk cover to protect disks when in operation.

It comes with Adaptec's greatly praised, especially by ZDNet, Direct CD and Easy CD Creator software.

In the shops now, but Panasonic refuse to tell us how much for.

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