Nuggets: Mobile computing power from Toshiba

Tosh notebooks step up to Pentium III

Toshiba today probably made a lot of gaming road warriors very happy indeed. It announced that the latest two models in its notebook range would be built around Intel's Pentium III mobile processor.

The Satellite Pro 4220XCDT offers 450 MHz of power, 64MB SDRAM memory, which you can expand to a maximum of 320MB, a whopping 6GB hard drive, integrated floppy disk drive, 24 speed CD-ROM drive and a 14.1" TFT screen. It'll be out at the end of November for £1,995.

A slightly pricier option is the Tectra 8000, based around 500MHz mobile Pentium III. It comes with 64MB SDRAM, internal floppy, CD-ROM and DVD drives and a 14.1" screen. Both models have an integrated V.90 modem. The Tectra is out in mid-November for £2,795.