Nuggets: More space, less cash

Eco-friendly monitor from iiyamaNuggets, twice a day, every day (well, we do our best!). Software, hardware and every gadget we can get our mitts on...

UK monitor stalwart iiyama wants you to ditch your pokey little 15-inch monitor and upgrade to something a little easier on the eyes. So it's offering its latest 17-inch monitor at a price to tempt you to do just that.

The S700JT1, for those of you with an abiding fascination with monitor specs, has a precise 0.28mm dot pitch, a horizontal scan rate of 27-70KHz and a flicker-free resolution of 1024x768 @ 75Hz. It's got a viewing area of 16 inches and an anti-reflect, anti-static coating.

It's a Flatter Squarer Tube (FST), dual-focus CRT monitor, using shadowmask technology aiming for more accurate colour rendition and clearer character formation. Four push buttons on the front let you adjust the various on-screen display capabilities.

And if you're of an environmental frame of mind, you'll be reassured to learn that it's TCO-95 approved and MPRII compliant, meaning that its ecologically manufactured using CFC free materials and non-toxic metals, and is fully recyclable. So that's OK then.

In the shops now for £155.

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