Nuggets: Nokia blackens its vision

Small and dark, with a surprisingly big screen...

Seeing as its Christmas and you're probably in the mood for splashing out a bit you may want to have a look at Nokia's latest high-end monitor.

The 800PRO Black is a stylish looking black 18 inch model that you can stick on your desk or, if you really do think it's a work of art, hang on the wall. According to Nokia, it's been designed so that the outer dimensions correspond to a 15-inch screen, with the image area that of a 20 inch screen.

To adjust screen preferences there's Nokia's NaviKey button, the same as on its mobiles.

The paranoid among you will be glad to know that Nokia has included an anti-theft device for both hardware and software. The monitor has a "simple fixing device" and the software is protected by a password that needs to be entered if the power plug is disconnected for over 10 minutes.

The monitor has a dual input function, meaning two computers can be connected simultaneously using both analogue and digital signals.

In the shops now for £2299.

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