Nuggets: Ogle convergence hybrid Mondo

It's a potent mix of PDA, pocket PC and phone

The idea of merging a mobile phone with a handheld PC has been knocking around for while. All of a sudden, though, we're getting overwhelmed with proof that it's going to happen, and soon. The Mondo is Trium's offering, and we've already started saving up for one.

With a thin, curvy case, and a pretty whopping touch screen, the Mondo's got a futuristic look to it. It measures 130x90x23mm, and weighs a tolerable 200g, so it should slip into a jacket pocket without too much protest.

In case you were wondering, Trium is actually a Mitsubishi brand name, and they were showing off a few funky gadgets at Live 2000.

As a phone, the Mondo covers the essentials well. It's dual band EGSM at 900/1800, and WAP 1.1 compatible with a cut-down version of Explorer installed. SMS is supported, and there's room for 256 phone numbers on the address book. Talktime is estimated at three hours.

PDA and pocket PC functions sound rather a hoot, too. There's plenty of Microsoft applications, with pocket versions of Word, Excel, Organiser and Reader, so you'll be able to plough through a bit of literature on the Mondo. You also get handy programs like currency calculator and calendar, and a few games, so it does sound like they've squeezed a lot into this sleek and sexy creature.

Due out soon. Pricing to be confirmed.

  • Trium Mondo

  • £to be confirmed

  • Combined mobile phone, PDA and pocket PC

  • 130x90x23mm

  • 200g (inc battery)

  • Three hours talktime

  • EGSM 900/1800, WAP 1.1, SMS

  • Windows CE

  • Pocket versions of Explorer, Outlook, Word and Excel

  • Supports T3 predictive text input

  • 0800 389 9204


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