Nuggets: Palm launches PDA for youth market

For teenagers jealous of their parents' gadgets, Palm comes up with a solution

An organiser aimed at teenagers is the latest device from those lovable gadgeteers at Palm. With its £130 price tag, the m100 will only appeal to gadget-savvy youngsters with full piggy banks. It replaces the Palm IIIe as the company's entry-level model, and gives users plenty of opportunity for personalisation -- always a bonus for the identity-seeking teenager.

It weighs 125g, with rounded edges and a double-hinged fliptop to protects the screen. The black faceplate is removable, so for £19 a time you could splash out on any one of five replacements, in exotic-sounding colours like Silver Mist or Ruby Pearl.(34k jpeg image)

The m100 runs Palm OS 3.5 programs such as Datebook, AddressBook and MemoPad, and contains 2Mb of mask memory for extra applications. Users can make handwritten notes on the screen, which can transferred to other applications or linked to an alarm function.

A HotSync cable is supplied with the m100, which allows a user to synchronise the PDA with a PC. A USB alternative will be available for £34, and a HotSync cradle will cost £28. The m100 is due to ship to the UK in September.

  • Palm m100

  • £130 inc. VAT

  • 125g

  • Phone: 0207 365 9820 or

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