Nuggets: Rio lets you get anal with your MP3 collection

Do you keep all your vinyl, CDs and MDs in pristine alphabetical order in fancy chrome made to measure racks? RioPort loves you...

If you are one of those people that really hates to see all your music left lying around the lounge in the wrong sleeves amid the ashtrays, you'll love the latest software enhancements made by MP3 guru RioPort.

Launched yesterday, RioPort Audio Manager 2.1 includes among other updates, support for tracks embedded with ID3 tags. This enhancement will allow you to be as anal with your digital music as you are with your more traditional platters. ID3 tagging support allows tracks to be sorted and viewed by title, lyrics or even CD art.

Basic functions are the same as earlier versions of Audio Manager, which allow MP3s to be downloaded, stored, organised and replayed on PC or mobile player.

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