Nuggets: Samsung says Yepp to MP3

It's been a long time coming, but it's here...

After teasing for what seems like years, Samsung has finally got around to launching its Yepp MP3 player in the UK.

It probably was worth the wait as it's a rather lovely little silver creature with a fantastic sound and a few extra nifty features.

What extra features, I hear you cry? Well, for one it has the ability to be recognised as a solid state hard disk drive when you plug it into your PC, meaning you can download any type of file to transport with you. It's also got a built in digital voice recorder and microphone. Not that this is all that rare any more, but it is pretty useful and you get up to 128 minutes of voice onto 32MB of Flash memory.

The controls on the just-that-little-bit plasticy silver casing consist of an easy to operate rocker switch on the front panel and a range of fiddly buttons. There's a nice bright nine character LCD screen, which displays track name and number, playback time, battery level and volume level. The four-way equaliser is as pointless as on most of the other MP3 players around.

Download times to the player are pretty speedy, very close to the minute Samsung claims that it takes to fill up its 32MB memory.

One reason that you may hesitate blowing some of your Christmas cash on it is that it's only got a 32MB onboard memory. Which seems a little mean, what with the almost-out Rio 500's 64MB.

That said, it does come with a quite a cool carrying case and good quality headphones.

In the shops now for £150.

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