Nuggets: Send movies, MP3 over the dog and bone

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Ooooh. Instant gratification... suits you sir!

Those Swedish Tefal-heads at Ericsson are promising its newest technology will give "instant gratification" for customers. As you can imagine, we rushed over to find out exactly what they mean...

Disappointingly the Ericsson definition of gratification is all to do with exposure to mobile audio and visual data transfer technology...

It's all thanks to a new class of network developed by Ericsson that should soon allow you to send and receive not just funky audio MP3 files but your most precious wireless home-video footage through the mobile! Yaaaay... imagine the phone bills.

The Ericsson folk are apparently just the types to get all over-excited about this sort of thing... A press release reckons, "It's so much fun you'll soon forget it's called wireless multimedia."

Er... thanks for that!

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