Nuggets: Siemens phone proves looks aren't everything

With WAP on tap and some games to play, you'll get plenty out of this little gem
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

With a sleek and curvy design, the Siemens M35i embraces the theory that appearance is crucial in the mobile phone stakes. However, with WAP 1.1 capability it's not just a fashion accessory.

The M35i measures 118x47x22mm and weighs 125g, so it's slightly larger and heavier than the Siemens C35i. In other ways it's pretty similar; basically the M35i is the tougher of the two and more likely to survive some rough treatment with its water, shock and dust resistant cover. The rubbery keypad is pretty cool, and there's a handy shortcut button for the address book.

Rather than following Nokia down the navigational roller route, Siemens has plumped for a pair of buttons for those scrolling moments. Each has two sensors and works a treat. Although it takes a bit longer to cycle through a long list of options, there's less wear and tear on your fingers than when using a navi-roller.

At five lines, the display area is smaller than that of the Nokia 7110, and even the seven lines of the Siemens S35i. However it's a high-resolution screen, so text is crisp and easy to read. WAP looks good on the M35i too.

So, what's this baby like to use, then? Well, we didn't have any problems with sound quality during testing. SMS was a bit hit-and-miss though, with the M35i only prepared to send a message when it enjoyed really good reception. Talktime of 300 minutes and 180 hours of stand-by time should be ample for everyday use.

Creating an SMS message is pretty easy on the M35i. 'Coz it supports T9 intelligent text entry, it'll try and guess which word you're typing and fills in the missing letters. A little confusing at first, but you'll be grateful for it soon enough.

There are four games for those moments of boredom, including a maze game and Minesweeper, which is a right swine to play on such a small screen (35x20mm). For extra fun, set up some comedy graphics to appear when certain people call.

The M35i is a good compromise between style and strength. Cute enough to turn plenty of heads, and we're pretty confident that it's durable enough to survive the odd bounce or knock.

Our model came from Virgin Mobile, who is flogging the handset for £119.99.

  • Siemens M35i
  • £119.99 inc VAT
  • Mobile phone; GSM 900/1800 dual band
  • SMS and WAP 1.1 browser
  • 118x47x22mm
  • 125g
  • Five line high-resolution screen
  • Stand-by time of 180 hours, Talktime of 300mins
  • T9 intelligent text entry
  • 100 telephone numbers can be stored on the phone, plus up to 250 on the SIM card
  • Calculator, currency converter, four games
  • www.siemens.com/m35
  • www.virginmobile.com/mobile/phones/siemens_m35i

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