Nuggets: Sony goes MP3 crazy

First Memory Stick, now Music Clip...

Having taken its time to come to terms with the online musical revolution, Sony is now embracing it with open arms. Fresh from the launch of its Memory Stick Walkman, the company took the opportunity of Comdex to launch its second digital portable music player.

The Music Clip is part of the Vaio range, coming in black and metallic silver to match the company's Vaio notebooks. It comes with 64MB of on-board flash memory and connects to a notebook or PC through a USB port.

Weighing 1.68 ounces, the 5 x 0.91 x 0.88-inch player features a backlit LCD display and a graphic equaliser with three presets. A single AA battery will give around five hours of playback, according to Sony.

It comes bundled with Sony's OpenMG Jukebox music management software for downloading, organising and transferring music. As it stands the Music Clip can handle music in ATRAC3 or MP3 formats, although it is able to decode other formats by downloading the appropriate software.

It's out in the US in January for $299 (about £180). As usual, UK pricing and release details haven't been set.

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