Nuggets: Superior sibling is a scanner...

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Wanna see me 'oliday snaps?

If you've got right into this digital photography lark then by now you'd probably much rather have all your photos in digital format.

Hewlett-Packard's latest offering is perfect for those of you furiously scanning all your old holiday snaps onto your PCs hard drive. The PhotoSmart S20 scanner is the superior sibling of HP's original PhotoSmart model. Scanning is at 2400 dpi at a bit depth of 36 bits and in addition to negative film, 35mm slides and prints, it can also scan strips of positive film. It's bundled with PhotoSmart S20 Scanning Software to touch up your prints once there safe and sound in your computer. This consists of exposure, colour, rotation, sizing and sharpness controls. Once you've discovered a set of effects you're happy with they can be saved to create custom filters -- meaning you can create the same effect on another image with one action.

Out now for around £400.