Nuggets: Takeaway TV from Olympus

Er... you won't believe this.Couch potato seen wandering Oxford Circus...

Camera giant Olympus is hoping to spawn a whole new species of TV viewer: the mobile couch potato.

Its Eye-Trek Cordless TV gives you the dubious pleasure of being able to take the TV with you as you amble round the house or garden. It comprises a transmitter-receiver set and what it calls the Multi-Media glasses. You plug the transmitter into your television or video, clip the receiver onto the glasses and you've got TV-to-go.

Olympus claims the glasses give you a "big-screen TV and video experience," and reckons there's little difference between this and watching a real-life set.

The glasses weigh 85g and have adjustable quality features including picture options such as brightness, colour, sharpness and contrast. If you're particularly mean and don't want your housemates experiencing the wonders of your new toy, you'll be pleased to know there's a security function that disables it until you key in the correct code.

The glasses are fully adjustable, for those of you with weird-shaped heads, and you can slip then on over spectacles. You also get a set of headphones and a remote control. You'll be able to get your own take away TV later this year.

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