Nuggets: The amazing wheel from Microsoft

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

SideWinder Racing Wheel has buttons and clamps galore...

Microsoft has got a whole avalanche of kit coming out over the next few months. In fact enough to keep Nuggets occupied solidly for the foreseeable future. But to prevent this from becoming a sickening Microsoft-fest, I'll drop them in slowly here and there over the next few weeks.

In the gamers' corner let's start with the SideWinder Precision Racing Wheel. This is made up of a ribbed-grip steering wheel, anti-slip foot pedals and a clamp system to bolt the contraption to your desk. There are eight programmable buttons, two of which act as shifters or triggers. The SideWinder Game Controller Software lets you set up different profiles for each game, a profile customising how the wheel is used and mapping actions or keyboard commands to the eight control buttons.

So start your engines and go, although if your PC's not USB compatible the brakes are going to come on pretty quickly, because that's the only connection it supports.

Out in October for £69.99.

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