Nuggets: The cheapest digital camera...ever

Microtek dabbles in the lower end of the digital snapper market

Sick of spending its whole time making scanners, Microtek has decided to have a dabble in the digital camera market. And it's decided start at the bottom and work its way up.

The Take It is easily one of cheapest digital cameras around and probably one of the simplest too. Microtek are aiming it at the novice digital photographer and all those who just want a quick snapper for putting pics up on their Web site.

For people put off digital cameras by their imagined complexity, this really is the answer as its only got three control buttons -- on/off, erase and shoot. Easy peasy.

There's a USB and an IrDA connection, 4MB internal memory and 24-bit colour depth. For your pennies you also get auto power suspension and a focus distance of 30cm. And, um, that's about it. Still, what do you want for £99?

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