Nuggets: Top sounds from Labtec

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Magical mystery speakers on your PC...

Labtec reckons that its new top of the range PC speakers will give you home-theatre-quality sound from your PC. The ATX-5820 is the latest member of its Audio F/X series, and the best it's produced so far, apparently.

The subwoofer is floor-mounted, with a 6" progressive suspension driver and laminar flow port, taking care of giving you a great bass. There are two monitor-mountable satellites, each with a tweeter and two mid-range drivers. The power comes from five amplifiers, delivering 70 watts RMS system power.

The system uses a digital signal processing algorithm to give you Dolby Virtual Surround from only two speakers. The processor takes the centre and rear surround channels and digitally duplicates the time differences, so convincing you that you're hearing sound coming from the centre and rear even though there are no speakers there. Wow, it's magic, man.

If you want get your ears wrapped around this stuff it'll cost you a little more than usual. £149.99 in fact. Available now.

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