Nuggets: Toshiba DVD player has a very silly name

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Silly name for rather cool product...

Toshiba's SD2109B DVD player (oh yeah guys, very catchy name. Bravo) is the updated version of its SD3107B (can you believe it?). For a mid-priced player it comes with loads of nifty features, but the biggest update on its predecessor is the jump in picture quality.

This is, says Tosh, due to its magnificent Super Anti-Alias Filter which lets the player generate 540 horizontal line resolution picture quality, compared to the standard 500 lines. Other features include icon on-screen displays to get around the menus, DTS compatibility and jitter reduction to further sharpen audio quality.

A cool extra is the variable zoom, letting you enlarge the centre of the picture to three different ranges. The pan-around function gives you the ability to scout around the screen and enlarge any of 25 individual sections of the screen while the film is playing -- so you focus in and find out what's really going on in the background. It comes with a full function remote and a digital audio and SCART cables.

In the shops for £400.

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