Nuggets: Whopping memory for MP3 Elite

It'll hold three hours of MP3, looks great and charges while its downloading...

OK so there's an MP3 player announced every single week -- or so it seems - and they are all pretty much of a muchness (except of course if you're visiting Sony who'll tell you its MP3 walkman, er Stickman, is the only SDMI compliant device available) but NO!

The Elite MP3 player from US based ADS Technologies, due January, is much more expensive than its rivals at $495 (£302) and comes in a rather girly looking pink metallic case (I was reliably informed it will also be available in a more macho aluminium case for the lads...). So why does it cost nearly a month's surfing costs with BT? "It's because it ships with 192MB of expandable memory and it uses USB which acts as a charger as well as a connection device" says a spokeswoman.

Well that's alright then isn't it?

The memory comes in two units: 64MB on board with a further 128MB removable storage cartridge. This gives nearly three hours listening time and when you're fed up with the tracks you've recorded, simply plug the USB in, sit back and wait while the system charges and uploads tunes simultaneously.

The Elite can also act as a digital voice recorder and allows around 32 hours of ADPCM-quality spoken audio for memos, interviews etc.

Take Away:

  • Sleek looker available in pink or silver aluminium.

  • 192MB memory -- that's about 3 hours of MP3 recorded at 128Kb/s.

  • USB connectivity that doubles as a charger.

  • Microphone built in for voice notes

  • Very decent headphones (Diamond are you listening...)

  • Expensive... It will probably hit the UK in the first quarter of next year but ADS will not commit to a price because the memory market is fluctuating so much.

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