Nuggets: Yet another mobile from Ericsson...

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Cute... er, yup, that's it.

What's iccle, cool, sexy and scandinavian... no it's no Ulrika kakaka. It is of course the ERICSSON T28 which the company describes as small, intelligent, tasteful... so definitely not her then.

Ericsson claims the T28 is the thinnest and lightest dual band mobile phone in the world, but because getting kit out of the mobile companies is virtually impossible we'll just have to take their word for it.

The T28 weighs 83g, is 97 mm high and 15 mm thin and uses a lithium polymer battery which will give you around 10 hours 27 minutes talk time or 150 hours standby.

To be honest, this little beauty is only that, a little beauty. There are no particularly interesting new capabilities, so you'll have to check out yesterday's Nugget on the R320 -- a first generation WAP phone from Ericsson.

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