Nuggets: Zip challenger from Datek

Yet another removable storage drive that'll change your entire existence!

Issuing a rather hopeful challenge to the likes of Iomega's Zip drive, Datek has launched a new removable media hard drive for the Mac.

The Orb SCSI drive uses 3-1\2 inch removable media -- spooky similarity to Zip disks -- with a hefty 2.2GB capacity. These are built using magnetoresistive (MR) head technology, developed by IBM which, apparently, gives you loads more storage space than competing media.

Datek claims that the drive offers a speedy 20MB per second data transfer rate.

The Orb drive uses a new design, called Headerless ID, which eliminates the need for formatting, according to the company. It's designed to be installed in your home PC, although Datek says that it quite happy for you to take it on the road with your notebook. Which is nice of it.

The drive costs £165, with the media selling for £30 each.

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