Number nine, but trying harder

Honored to make Technobabble's Top 10 analyst blog list.
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer on

A little bit of news about this blog: It placed ninth on the list of the top 400 analyst blogsites cited on Technobabble's annual ranking. It's a real honor, and I want thank all you readers for your support.

I'm also proud to see I'm among very good company. Congratulations to my fellow blogging compatriots here at the ZDNet community who also made the list -- Dennis Howlett (number two (!) on the list with his Irregular Enterprise blog), Michael Krigsman (6th with his IT Failures blog), and Dan Kusnetzky (8th with Virtually Speaking). Also making this year's list are Robin Harris (Storage Bits), Dana Gardner (BriefingsDirect), the Forrester analysts (View from Forrester) and Phil Fersht (IT Services & Outsourcing).

Also a shout-out to other colleagues outside the CNET-ZDNet sphere on the list, including Brenda Michelson (Elemental Links), Sandy Kemsley (Column 2), and Vinnie Mirchandani (The Deal Architect).

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