Nutanix announces new storage, compute services

The new products support the company's bid to manage distributed cloud environments for enterprises.

Software defined data center player Nutanix announced that it's adding a new batch of developer-oriented services to its Enterprise Cloud OS software.

Additionally, Nutanix is rolling out enhancements to its virtualization technology and new platform features that, overall, support the company's bid to manage distributed cloud environments for enterprises.

Key to the new products is the Acropolis Object Storage Service, which the company said provides an Amazon Web Services S3-compatible API that lets app-dev teams consume storage for things like data archival as an on-demand service, similar to other public cloud offerings.

On the virtualization front, Nutanix announced performance enhancements planned for its upcoming v5.5 software release, including integrated support for virtual Graphics Processing Units (vGPU), as well as support for Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS).

Meantime, Nutanix announced a new compute service dubbed Acropolis Compute Cloud (AC2), which also takes the consumption route and lets app development teams scale infrastructure up or down based on use. Nutanix said AC2 will be included in the company's Enterprise Cloud OS and support compute-only nodes in Nutanix-powered deployments.

Nutanix also formally announced that its Enterprise Cloud OS software will run on Intel's new Skylake CPU architecture.

"With these new offerings, targeted at developers and workload expansion, Nutanix is the only company that is offering a true public cloud-like experience in the enterprise, which helps customers realize the promise of the multi-cloud era," said Nutnaix chief product officer Sunil Potti in a statement.

At this point, Nutanix said all of the new products are still under development, so there's no information on pricing or release dates.


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