NUVI adds 14 languages to sentiment analysis tool

If you need to analyse social sentiment across a range of languages in real-time, then NUVI's latest offering might just meet your requirements.

Social media sentiment is hard to gauge. Analysing sentiment from several social media sources adds an extra load on the social media team. Analysing this sentiment in different languages often makes accurate scanning and sentiment gauging almost impossible.

NUVI adds 14 languages to sentiment analysis tool

Lindon, Utah based, real-time social media listening and reporting analytics specialists NUVI has announced that it has expanded of its sentiment analysis feature. It now includes 14 extra languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, French, and Russian.

NUVI adds 14 languages to sentiment analysis tool ZDNet

This update gives brands the ability to analyze sentiment from multiple social media sources in real-time by displaying the sentiment of each comment, tweet or post - across a range of languages.

The tool is intended to help companies manage the influx of online content from users with diverse primary languages.

The feature works by analyzing the emotion surrounding a comment, tweet or post and displaying the sentiment in dashboards. The update displays brand or product satisfaction in real-time.

NUVI adds 14 languages to sentiment analysis tool ZDNet

This eliminates the need for organizations to manually search each comment or post to determine the emotional significance.

"Now, with the ability to gain a deeper level of understanding, companies and their customers are going to be infinitely more connected."

— Brett Allred, COO of NUVI

NUVI analyzes data from sources, such as: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Delicious, Reddit, Vimeo, Flickr and over three million RSS feeds.

The data is presented in real-time conversations that measure influence and sentiment.

This allows analysis of advertising, public relations and marketing campaigns.

Brett Allred, COO of NUVI said: "The social world is a melting pot of culture and language.

Before today we could only analyze sentiment in one language, English. Now our customers can listen and draw sentiment related insights in 15 different languages."

"Imagine having the ability to compare the sentiment of Spanish conversations and contrasting them between the numerous countries whose primary language is Spanish. This type of sophistication provides a whole new level of insight for marketers both nationally and internationally."

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