NV Energy, IBM partner on Nevada smart grid deployment

NV Energy and IBM will partner on the deployment of the smart grid in Nevada.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

NV Energy and IBM said last week that they will partner on the deployment of the smart grid in Nevada.

Big Blue will be the systems integrator for NV Energy's Advanced Service Delivery project, which includes smart grid technology, advanced meter infrastructure and meter data management.

Naturally, NV will use IBM software to integrate everything with existing systems.

On the utility side, NV Energy says its Advanced Service Delivery project will augment demand response to manage power load from the electric grid, improving reliability and energy efficiency.

On the customer side, the ASD project will offer new digital meters, self-service options and access to a customer portal to manage energy use.

Why Nevada, why now, you ask? One good reason is that the Silver State's infrastructure will be better prepared to handle the intermittent renewable energy sources (solar, wind) that are growing in popularity in the southwestern U.S.

It certainly doesn't hurt to have a $138 million Dept. of Energy stimulus grant at its disposal, either.

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