Nvidia bolsters mobile GPU lineup with GeForce 800M silicon

Nvidia's new GTX 880M grabs the title of "world's fastest mobile GPU."
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributor on

In a refresh of its mobile graphics processor line, chipmaker Nvidia GeForce today announced its 800M line-up of notebook GPUs.

In the top spot--and grabbing the title of "world's fastest mobile GPU"--is the GeForce GTX 880M, which delivers 15 percent better performance than the equivalent 7xx-series part. Even at the bottom end, the GTX 850M cranks a whopping 60 percent compared to its previous-generation.

Nvidia 800M-series GPUs
(Source: Nvidia)

The GeForce GTX 880M features 1,536 CUDA cores and a graphics clip clocked at 954MHz before boost. It features GDDR5 memory with a memory bandwidth of 64GB/s clocked at up to 2,500MHz.

With the trend moving towards thinner and lighter parts, Nvidia has worked hard to make its chips smaller. The GeForce GTX 850M model is much smaller and lighter, yet still delivers 1080p gaming, and is 30% faster than the GTX 580M, which was the flagship product from just three years ago.

Nvidia 800M-series
(Source: Nvidia)

In the midst of a raft of gaming-related updates is another interesting new feature called BatteryBoost, BatteryBoost adjusts the power needs of the GPU, CPU, and memory automatically to deliver a user-targeted frame rate (the default being 30 frames per second). While gamers are the primary audience for this feature, it offers benefits for anyone wanting to maximize performance between recharges.

For premium multimedia notebooks – as opposed to high-end – the GeForce 840M and GeForce 830M joins the already available GeForce 820M in Nvidia's line-up.

The GTX 880M will make its way into the Alienware 17, Asus G750JZ, MSI GT 70, and MSI GT 60.


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