NZ all-of-government program targets VMware, Oracle and Citrix

After inking a deal with Microsoft in 2012, the New Zealand government plans to extend all-of-government licensing to other software vendors.

The New Zealand government is entering negotiations with VMware, Oracle and Citrix as part of its Software Acquisition Strategy to conclude all-of-government licensing deals with its major software suppliers.

The negotiations were inspired by the successful conclusion of a similar cross-government deal with Microsoft in 2012.

After negotiations with the current trio, the Department of Internal Affairs will aim for similar deals with SAS, SAP, Adobe, IBM and HP as well as renewal of its deal with Microsoft in 2015.

"Engagement with VMware, Oracle and Citrix has begun and the programme team is setting up client advisory groups for each of these suppliers," the ICT office of the Department said in a newsletter issued today.

"These groups will provide sector-specific advice on requirements and strategic directions, and ensure the right outcomes are achieved with suppliers."

In 2012, the Department of Internal Affairs estimated the new Microsoft agreement would save up to NZ$119 million over the three-year term of the agreement, or 55% of total Microsoft licensing spending by over 100 separate government agencies.