NZ datacentres shaken but not hurt

Datacentres in Christchurch appear to have survived yesterday's major earthquake, with customer data unaffected.

Datacentres in Christchurch appear to have survived yesterday's major earthquake, with customer data unaffected.

Typically, centres were operating on generators as half the city's power supplies remain disrupted. Civil defence restrictions are also affecting the access of staff to city centre datacentres, with operators having to work remotely offsite.

James Wallace, support manager for 24/7 Hosting told ZDNet Australia that his company's three main datacentres in Christchurch were running off generators, along with the power and phone services.

"We have backup systems running backups every hour to Auckland. All datacentres [in Christchurch] are operational," he said.

However, it could be "some time" before power was fully restored to the Christchurch CBD as there remained a fire risk.

Net24 Limited also reported all its systems as operational, though phone lines were down, leading to Customer Support Services to operate via email.

"We have sustained some building damage (liquefaction around the building, some minor inside), but all our services are online, all our fibre links are up, and we have not have any major equipment damage. We are currently running on generator, and expect to run on generator for at least the next 24 hours," technical director, Nikolai Schupbach said.

The Colocation Company said that its CBD datacentre is running on its two diesel generators and all services are working as normal.

"There has been massive destruction around the city and we are still having after shocks. We are now just waiting for power to be restored but have enough diesel to last for days at this stage," general manager Ian Falconer said.

"Having our datacentre and staff safe and secure is great, but we, as everyone in the city, are shocked and thinking of those who have lost friends and relatives," he added.

Telecom New Zealand offshoot Gen-i reported that its ICT operations team was closely monitoring its Christchurch datacentre, which is by the devastated Cathedral Square, saying that temperature and humidity levels were stable.

"Access to our 109 Hereford Street site is restricted due to personal safety, but we are working with clients to maintain services remotely," the company said in a statement.

Things were much better in the suburbs.

Revera reported that its Christchurch datacentre in Addington was "largely unaffected" with staff and their families "safe and well".

The mains power continued throughout earthquake events; the datacentre building was secure and internal datacentre functions continued operating normally, the company said.

"Business as usual measures, including remote monitoring datacentre operations, on-site physical checks and generator standby continue. Scheduled today is an engineering assessment of building structure. However, preliminary checks show little damage or structural risk," it said.

As a short-term precaution Revera has evacuated staff, and non-critical site access is restricted until engineering clearance has been issued.

Digiweb reported that all its services are fully operational across its two Christchurch and Auckland facilities, although it was also running on backup generators.

"We are currently experiencing no known issues. We are experiencing a high volume of customer queries, if you require support please email; if your query is of a general nature we would ask you to refer to our website or Twitter account for on-going updates should the situation change," the company website said today.