Obama administration to kick CGI Federal off healthcare.gov

Reports say that the administration will be signing a contract with Accenture to take over healthcare.gov web site operations from CGI Federal

The Obama administration will be signing a contract with Accenture to replace CGI Federal for the repairs on the troubled federal health care exchange site healthcare.gov, according to a report in the Washington Post.

CGI Federal was the main contractor that built the site, which infamously failed to operate reliably after its rollout. CGI Federal has also been the main company working on repairing the problems which emerged.

According to the Post, citing "a person familiar with the matter," federal health officials have decided that CGI Federal "...has not been effective enough in fixing the intricate computer system underpinning the federal Web site..."

Like the Canadian CGI, Accenture is incorporated abroad, specifically in Dublin, Ireland, but its operational headquarters are in Chicago. It is the world's largest consulting firm by revenues, and built the well-regarded California exchange CoveredCA.

CGI Federal's contract runs out at the end of February, 2014. The government had the option of renewing it further, but it appears they will not take that option.

The prospect of taking over a complex project in less than two months may portend new delays. Planning for such project usually takes far longer.