Obodex offers P-133 notebook for £150 down

The twin rise in popularity of entry-level notebooks and easy buying terms collided spectacularly today with the appearance of a fully-specified unit for £150 down.

As notebooks have become more popular as users' "first" computers, vendors have been competing to hook buyers through attractive purchase conditions culminating in London-based Obodex's latest offer of a 10 per cent deposit on its GreenNote notebook.

A 133MHz Pentium-based GreenNote with 16Mb RAM, 1Gb hard drive, 12.1-inch dual-scan screen, ten-speed CD-ROM drive, 16Mb video RAM , Type II PC Card slot and sound costs £1,495 + VAT. Buyers can pay instalments or settle with a lump sum within six months and incur no interest.

Obodex can be contacted by telephone on 0181-341 3555.