Office 365 updated to allow Lync Online remote scripting and automation

Microsoft's online suite Office 365 has been updated to allow remote scripting and automation of the communication service Lync Online using PowerShell.

Office 365 has been updated to allow management of the Lync Online communication service to be remotely automated using PowerShell scripting.

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The update will allow Office 365 admins to use the command shell and scripting language to remotely control instances of Lync Online, as an alternative to using the Lync admin centre GUI.

Microsoft said PowerShell scripting would be most useful for automating tasks that need to be repeated many times for individual users.

"With PowerShell, you can write a script with the appropriate cmdlets to automate this repetitive task and save yourself a lot of time," Microsoft wrote on the Office 365 technology blog.

PowerShell also introduces new management capabilities that are not available through the Lync Online admin centre, with Microsoft giving the example of managing Exchange Unified Messaging, hosted voicemail policies.

Exchange Online PowerShell cmdlets can also extend the capabilities of Lync Online reports beyond those available in Office 365 admin centre to include data such as active users and AV conference minutes.

For more information, check the Lync Online remote PowerShell documentation here.

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