Okta joins BYOD bandwagon with new management service

Available now for iOS and Android, Okta Mobility Management is already in production with multiple Okta customers.

Okta is boosting its enterprise identity management offerings to cover mobile devices and apps security, essentially plunging it into the BYOD market.

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Announced amid the company's annual customer conference Oktane in San Francisco this week, the Okta Mobility Management adds a new layer to Okta's flagship Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform.

Up until now, IT departments deploying Okta have been able to manage and control user permissions for cloud-based apps through desktop channels while also offering employee-friendly features such as single sign-on access.

Now IT admins can extend those capabilities to mobile devices while automatically provisioning employee/user information based on profile data collected in a company's respective HR database.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the consumerization of IT continue to become more than just trends but de facto practices in the business world, much to the chagrin of some organizations with plenty of legacy systems and sensitive data.

A recent study published by IT industry group CompTIA found that 70 percent of 400 participating enterprises have made some level of investment to build out mobility solutions. At the same time, roughly 40 percent admitted balancing the needs of end users and IT is a challenge. From there, approximately 42 percent identified integrating mobile devices into the overall IT infrastructure as a leading pain point.

But it isn't just skepticism on the management side. Indepedent market research firm Ovum surveyed 5,187 employees earlier this year, with 24 percent of respondents acknowledging a general mistrust of employers being granted any type of control over their devices.

Still, another third of respondents affirmed they are happy with employers managing their corporate mobility services, while 42 percent said they are more comfortable with work devices managed by third-party operators.

Also delivered as-a-service, the Okta Mobility Management service is price on a per user/per month model with support for unlimited devices.

For single sign-on access alone, Okta's pricing scale starts at $2 per user, per month. Volume discounts are available, and enterprise rates are available by quote.

Available now for iOS and Android, Okta Mobility Management is already in production with multiple Okta customers. Support for Windows and Blackberry is scheduled to roll out by the third quarter of 2015.