Okta teams with Workday on cloud-native identity management service

Okta and Workday want to bump up the value for on-premises identity management software by taking these platforms to the cloud.

Okta and Workday are combining forces to develop a cloud-native, identity lifecycle management service for the enterprise with a particular focus on human resources.

Both sides argue that most enterprises have been trying to integrate legacy on-premises HR solutions with on-premises identity management software, which is usually a costly but fruitless effort.

With an integrated identity management platform in the cloud, Okta and Workday assert that this could change the face of enterprise IT with the ability centrally manage and secure these infrastructures.

Okta will be bringing its existing on-demand identity and access management service solutions for "any device" to the table while Workday will be integrating its cloud-based enterprise applications for human resources and finance records.

For example, Okta’s Identity Lifecycle Management platform integrated with Workday is supposed to make it possible for mid-sized businesses to access to enterprise-level HR and identity management systems that was previously unattainable. Touted to be seamless and secure, this access is also available from mobile devices.

Furthermore, Okta connects Active Directory and other IT systems directly to Workday, leveraging Workday's HR system as the main record for employee and workforce data.

However, IT departments can manage provisioning and de-provisioning of Active Directory and other IT services directly from Workday through Okta to designate which apps employees can have access to or not.

Enterprise customers already signed on for the project include Gilt Groupe and Informatica, among others.