Okta upgrades mobile gateway with more security, Apple Watch support

Okta is giving IT managers more control on its mobile management platform with VPN and Wi-Fi profile provisioning.

Getting things squared away ahead of the holiday weekend, Okta is upgrading its mobility management platform for better support of a myriad of functions and devices, including Apple Watch.

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The new abilities and updates are headed to Okta Mobility Management (OMM) with the bulk of the additions centering around improved security.

Okta is giving IT managers more control with VPN and Wi-Fi profile provisioning.

OMM can now provision VPN configurations directly to a device without requiring multiple deployments (meaning less work/wasted time for IT). OMM can also push pre-configured Wi-Fi settings to mobile devices while IT can remove access for select devices when needed for security purposes.

OMM is also getting jailbreak and root detection functionality, alerting IT when to deprovision data and access from compromised iOS and Android devices.

Finally, OMM is opening up the feature set to the scope of devices it can manage.

Okta Verify, the company's multi-factor authentication solution, will be integrating push notifications to all devices for Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Okta first introduced OMM at the company's annual summit Oktane last November as a new layer to the brand's flagship Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform.

More recently in May, Okta rolled out a series of updates all aimed at improving links and strengthening ties to Google for Work.

Okta promised these upgrades will enable IT managers with the ability to secure all Google enterprise offerings, from Apps to Chrome to Android, through its identity and mobility management service.

Some of the new features included Chromebook password sync, permitting employees to log in to personal computers with their Okta accounts and access apps offline, and automatic Google Apps provisioning.

Also delivered as-a-service, the Okta Mobility Management service is price on a per user/per month model with support for unlimited devices.