Old meets new, meets hipster, in iTypewriter

Who needs a flashy wireless iPad keyboard when you could be using a typewriter?

This might be the hipster-ist thing ever invented: an iPad dock that also serves as an old-timey typewriter. The upshot? You can "type" into your iPad but you don't have to worry about jamming fix-it tape or painting over mistakes with white-out.

The quirky contraption, called the iTypewriter, is the brainchild of Austin Yang, a student of product design and mechanical engineering at the Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland.

The iPad sits in a dock and the user types (or pecks) away at the keys, which strike the corresponding character on the iPad keyboard. The typewriter body is aluminum and the rubber at the end of each key that strikes the screen is conductive rubber, says Yang.

"Instead of stroking on the screen with no feedback, this product ca reflect a strong haptic feedback," writes Yang on his website. It's a fun idea, but as you'll see in the video below, perhaps not the fastest way to communicate.

Via: Mashable

Photo: Austin Yang

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