Olivetti NetStradas muscle in on server scene

Olivetti is the latest manufacturer to fire a line into the exploding server market with its NetStrada corporate servers.

The NetStrada range starts at £4,100 + VAT and comprises three models: the NetStrada 3000 for small- to medium-sized firms using workgroups, the 5000 for small- to medium-sized firms requiring intranet and Internet connectivity, and the 7000 for high-end enterprises.

The NetStrada 3000 is a 200MHz Pentium Pro-based machine with 2Gb and 4Gb hard disks, four swappable hard drives and a 4Mbit/sec Fast Ethernet controller. The model comes optionally bundled with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server.

The NetStrada 5000 supports single and dual 200MHz Pentium Pro chips and has the option of Microsoft Exchange and Windows NT 4.0 Server. The NetStrada 7000 supports up to four 200MHz Pentium Pro processors, and has a Microsoft BackOffice option.

All models will be available this month, are optimised for use with Novell's IntranetWare intranet software and support the UltraWIDE SCSI standard.

Olivetti can be contacted by telephone on 0181-785 6666.

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