'OMG', 'FYI', 'LOL' and a love heart graphic enters Oxford English Dictionary

'OMG', 'FYI' and 'LOL' have entered the Oxford English Dictionary - including a love heart graphic, as a result of popular usage thanks to the Web.

The Oxford English Dictionary has accepted three new initialisms: 'OMG' standing for 'oh my god', 'FYI' standing for 'for your information' and 'LOL' for 'laugh out loud'; all stemming from popular Internet culture today.

They join existing acronyms made popular with social networking and text messages, so called 'instant communications', such as 'TMI' for 'too much information', 'IMHO' for 'in my humble opinion' and 'BFF' standing for 'best friends forever'.

However, those at the Oxford English Dictionary claim a personal letter from 1917 could be the first incarnation of the 'OMG' acronym, with 'LOL' taking the formation of 'little old lady' dating back to the 1960's.

These new additions show the power of the web and instant communications on the English language, or at very least the influence on the acronym or the emoticon.

What may be most worrying is the graphic, "?" - pronounced 'to heart' - has been classified as a verb, along with old favourite to 'google'.

I'll buy a pint to anyone who dares use the "?" in an academic essay.

Has web-speak taken over?

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