One in five Brits 'regret' buying an iPhone

First the iPad, now the iPhone: Around one in five Brits are rejecting the iPhone, after battery flaws and the hope that a next-generation iPhone 5 would be in stock by now.

What is wrong with us Brits?

At first, nearly a quarter of all surveyed Brits said that they regretted buying an iPad, either because they either received one as a gift or simply "didn't have the time" to pick it up and have a play. Now there's even more crushing news for Apple.

According to research carried out by a mobile phone retailer, out of nearly 1,700 polled British adults, it suggests that only a sizeable chunk are in fact happy with their iPhone purchase.

Though it seems a significant minority, 22 percent of British iPhone users said they regret buying the smartphone, which equates to roughly one in five.

(Source: Flickr, CC)

As CNET UK report, not all of those surveyed will have even owned an iPhone, so the pool size is probably smaller. But considering the current state of the smartphone economy in the UK at the moment, it still represents a significant portion.

One in four smartphones in the UK is an Android-running smartphone, while Apple's iPhone only holds a one in five equivalent marketshare. BlackBerry -- though unlikely after the recent outages and dwindling U.S. marketshare -- recently hit the 8 million-subscriber mark in the UK, accounting for 22.5 percent; a near five percent share increase ahead of Apple's.

Though it is hard to even begin to quantify that the UK is a nation of iPhone naysayers, a series of faults with the iPhone has caused widespread misery for many.

Not just limited to an ongoing, potentially unfixable battery flaw, many had hoped that the next-generation iPhone 5 would be out in September. Many therefore are still holding out for the model next year, skipping the iPhone 4S altogether.