One in four Brits 'regret' buying an iPad: Waste of money, or time wasting tablet?

Odd as the Brits are, nearly half of all iPad owners are rejecting the Apple tablet for reasons that they don't need one, never wanted one, or don't have time to play with it.

One in four iPad owners only use their iPad once a week, while some do not use it at all, according to new research.

The figures show that under half of all iPad users say they use their iPad on a daily basis at 42 percent, while one in four say they will use the tablet once a day. A resounding one in ten say they may not even pick up it up at all.

Yes, the Brits are a strange bunch. But that quite frankly is a given.

(Source: Flickr, CC)

One of the problems is that data access and coverage in the UK is still poor. We are after all a nation without a developed 4G infrastructure, thus negating the need to buy the ultra-portable device for on the go browsing. With this, most people opt for a Wi-Fi only model and because free wireless hotspots are on the most part rare to come by,

Out of the 1,500 iPad owners polled, 14 percent said that the iPad was given as a gift, but never found a use for it. A large portion of those surveyed gave a seemingly more legitimate reason, with 61 percent finding themselves too busy to use it.

But many just simply don't have a use for it. Tablets are for a unique kind of person, and with that, I admit that I am not a member of this elusive group.

Though I cannot say I am a proud owner of an iPad, or any tablet for that matter, I have taken to my Windows-replacing MacBook like a duck to water. Not to say that as I glide across the surface of the water, while underneath I paddle like crazy at times, but an iPad just isn't for me.

With this in mind, think twice before you get your friend, partner, grandmother or brother an iPad for Christmas. They may just use it to chop vegetables -- at least, knowing what my 'nan is like.



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