One month with the Surface Pro 3: Microsoft updates kept it in my hands

I just passed the 30-day return period and thanks to Microsoft's speedy updates and several other factors, the Surface Pro 3 is now serving as my primary home and road computer.

One month with the Surface Pro 3: Microsoft updates kept it in my hands
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Back in May I wrote several reasons to upgrade from a Surface Pro to a Surface Pro 3 and I just passed a month of ownership with my new Pro 3. I was ready to return it out of sheer frustration with Wi-Fi during the first two weeks, but thankfully Microsoft took quick action and everything is humming along nicely now.

The larger display, longer battery life, and updated keyboard were the main reasons I decided to move to the Surface Pro 3. The new display aspect ration (3:2) is great for getting work done and I no longer feel cramped when I use the Surface Pro 3. I actually use it as my main computer at home and on the road with no connection to an external monitor.

I used two chargers with my Surface Pro and would charge it up at home and then again at work after my one hour train commute and workday. With the Pro 3, I charge it up at home and then go the entire day without worrying about topping it off. Long battery life is also a bonus when traveling on airplanes that do not have plug-ins.

The keyboard is fantastic and I use it to write without any real compromise in my typing speed. I love that it has a backlight and a trackpad that is actually very usable. I do use an external mouse at home, but on the road and in the office I use the trackpad and stylus.

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The ultra portability and fact that I can use the Surface Pro 3 as a tablet are the primary reasons I chose the Pro 3 instead of a MacBook Air. Many people told me to get a MacBook Air and even though that computer is also very thin and light, there is something compelling about the Surface Pro 3 form factor.

I have an iPad Mini, but since I have had the Surface Pro 3 the iPad Mini rarely leaves my shelf. It serves as a great Wi-Fi hotspot for Verizon service and is the only iOS device I have to test things out so I keep it in my collection. My Surface Pro 3 works very well as a tablet, thanks in large part to the stylus and OneNote integration.

While it seems there are many articles slamming Windows 8.1, I personally like this operating system. The Live Tiles work well on the Surface Pro 3 and I am a fan of the modern and fluid operating system. As an engineer, I need to use Windows and even though I could install Windows on a MacBook Air, having a dedicated Windows computer can't be beat.

The 30-day return period has now expired and the Surface Pro 3 made the cut. I use it daily and have absolutely no regrets regarding the purchase. The Best Buy dark blue keyboard looks fantastic and I am still amazed by the power of this computer in a form factor similar to an iPad.

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