One Year Ago: Intel preps half-price 300MHz PII

This story first published July 16, 1997

Intel is getting ready to take more than half off the price of its 300MHz Pentium II. As of August 1 the chip behemoth will reduce the price of the device from $1,940 to $830 and take off another $50 on November 1. Intel's UK public relations department said it was unaware of the impending cuts but a leading PC vendor confirmed the plans.

Although on the face of it striking, sources said there are not enough 300MHz parts in circulation for the move to be deemed much more than cosmetic in the short term.

"I wouldn't get excited; it's a bit academic," said a spokesman for a PC vendor who requested anonymity. "The prices are artificially high because the yield is not so good. It's a natural progression but the prices still mean it's very much for workstation products.

He added that he expected "dribs" of supply in August and reasonable volumes only in October or November.