One Year Ago: Java runs faster on X86 - Intel

This story first published April 16, 1997

Intel wants you to buy its chips even if you're only running Java. While the ability to run happily on cheap RISC chips has long been touted as a key advantage of Java applets, Intel is touting benchmarks to back claims of superior performance on its CPUs.

According to the processor behemoth, Java apps ran up to twice as fast on a 100MHz Pentium than on rival chips and performance scaled with faster clock X86 devices. The statistics are available in a white paper called 'Java Performance' and are based on Pendragon Software's CaffeineMark benchmark.

"Because Java is playing a key role in applications for computing, Intel is providing the best computing environment for Java," said Pat Gelsinger, VP and general manager of Intel's desktop products group.

"Businesses can accelerate their use of multimedia through exciting Java applications and, at the same time, be assured they're getting top Java performance from the solid Intel architecture their computing systems are already built on."