​OnePlus resumes Lollipop Cyanogen rollout after bugs caused pause

OnePlus One owners that missed the Cyanogen OS 12 update before it was pulled should start getting the update from today.

After a brief delay due to a few potentially troublesome bugs, OnePlus has begun rolling out its Cyanogen OS update.

It hasn't been an easy few weeks for OnePlus One owners eager for the latest version of Cyanogen, which brings its take on Android 5.0, to arrive. After a several-week delay, the update finally landed on April 13, only to be put on hold a week later.

Under Cyanogen's naming system, the Lollipop-based update brought OnePlus One devices from Cyanogen OS 11 to Cyanogen OS 12.

According to OnePlus' founder Carl Pei, the suspension occurred so that a new feature called 'OK OnePlus' - similar to the "OK Google" voice command used for Google Now and Search - could be added.

However, the actual cause turned out to be something more substantial than a feature update, according to Cyanogen's co-founder Steve Kondik, who weighed in OnePlus' user forum to explain the issue yesterday.

"The reasons why we stopped the initial rollout are because of a problem updating encrypted devices from 11 to 12, and a couple of bugs that we felt were critical enough to fix before continuing (mms/telephony/themes). We also had an error in our production build environment that broke voice wakeup," he said.

The rollout resumed on Thursday, OnePlus' Pei said. Owners that have already installed version 12 got a bug fix update yesterday, while devices still on version 11 should get the improved update over the air from today, since the rollout is being staged. However, Kondik said, it's still safe for users to install the update manually themselves.

For buyers considering the OnePlus One, the company announced this week that it was removing restrictions on purchases, which it has previously controlled through an invite system and by only opening online sales to the general public on rare days.

The company will, however, return to its invite system when it launches its next handset, the OnePlus Two, which is expected to be released around the third quarter of this year and may run the company's own Oxygen OS.

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