​Ongoing tech troubles end ASX trading early

The Australian Securities Exchange has ended trading early after technical faults affected the management of individual shares.

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has closed early on Monday, after trading lasted less than an hour.

The ASX announced that it would be closing at 3:37pm AEST, amid ongoing technical issues that plagued the exchange throughout the day.

"ASX Trade markets will not re-open for trading for trade date 19 September. Furthermore, there will be no Closing Single Price Auction (CSPA)," the ASX said in a statement.

The closure follows a late start to trading on Monday, with investors not able to buy and sell any stocks until after 11:30am AEST due to a technical fault that affected the management of individual shares.

The ASX advised that there would be a delay with the opening of the ASX equities market at 10:07am AEST Monday morning, with a Twitter post saying updates would be provided as they became available.

Shortly after, it advised that the ASX Equities Market would proceed to pre-open at 11:10am AEST and open at 11:30am AEST.

The exchange then said the market was open for all securities except for those in the range of N-R, the timetable for which then flagged at entering pre-open at 1:00pm AEST for a 1:20pm AEST open.

The market was only fully opened for trading at 1:20pm AEST, before the ASX put trading into a halt again at 2:13pm AEST. The exchange again took to Twitter to advise that the entire Equities Market had been halted until Tuesday, when it is expected to resume as normal from 10:00am AEST through to 4:00pm AEST.

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