Online undertakers taking orders

Dying to get online... look no further

The UK's first online undertakers, launched Tuesday, offers the British public everything needed for a pain free journey into the next life

The funeral web site service available at is backed by supermarket chain United Norwest Co-op and more than 70 funeral parlours.

The Co-op's new Web site offers not just a convenient way to plan a funeral but also provides advice on dealing with bereavement and other related information.

The site is, in fact, currently holding a poll to find out what pop song visitors would prefer to have played at their own funeral.

There is apparently no aspect of everyday life that cannot be carried out online. Just last week a site enabling visitors to confess their sins online was launched by a Christian radio station.

A spokesperson from the Co-op told a reporter from the national press cheerfully: "If a family member died today you'd be able to go online and order everything from a black tie to flowers."

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