onSale and B&N cancel HP TouchPad orders in continuing saga of a dead tablet

Retailers jumped into the TouchPad selling frenzy this past weekend, but it turns out a couple sold more than they had in stock so orders are being canceled and people are quite vocal about it on Twitter.

I'm sure you all know about the HP TouchPad fire sale from last weekend where the 16GB model was dropped to $99 and the 32GB to $149 and many of you probably took advantage of this fantastic offer. However, there were many others who ordered through onSale (an Amazon reseller) or Barnes & Noble who are now getting contacted that your order was canceled. It seems that these retailers ran out of inventory and the sales were apparently too rapid for their system to keep updated on stock conditions, which seems strange in today's world.

onSale has a Facebook page up addressing the issue with the following statement:

When the price decrease was announced this weekend, our websites and the websites of many major retailers were overwhelmed with customers placing orders for the HP Touchpad. In fact,the sudden influx of orders was well in excess of the amount of product available. We are now in the process of filling valid orders using all available inventory on a first-come, first-served basis. We will be cancelling all orders that we cannot promptly fill and sending cancellation notices. Thank you for your understanding and your patience as we deal with this unprecedented event.- OnSale

PCMag.com also posted about the reports from Barnes & Noble purchasers. I understand there were lines at Best Buy stores across the country to buy the TouchPad this weekend so online retailers were the place to go for many people. HP may still have some in their inventory that is getting put into stock so you may be able to find one in the next few days if your order was canceled by one of these retailers.

The funny thing is I purchase a 16GB model from Craigslist for $325 when they were selling for $499 so thought I was getting a great deal. HP then dropped the price $100 and then dropped the bombshell that they were stopping TouchPad production and I was left holding a $325 TouchPad that wasn't quite the deal just two weeks earlier. I am keeping it though and letting my daughters enjoy a tablet experience.

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